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When Life Gives You Quarantine, Make Hot Sauce

Meet the dynamic duo behind the fiery hot sauce sensation that's taking taste buds by storm, Chef Sean and his fiery partner, Jenn. For over 30 years, Sean has been a culinary mastermind, putting restaurants on the map and tantalizing taste buds with his delectable dishes. With multiple features in the Columbian and a few prestigious awards under his belt, it's no wonder his food is always in high demand. But when he's not wowing customers in the hot kitchen, he's at home jamming out to some sweet 80's metal while grinding up meat for homemade sausages, canning a 6-hour Bolognese, or whipping up fresh pasta with his wife Jenn. Speaking of Jenn, she's a scratch-cooking queen who grew up in the restaurant biz and is a college grad who does freelance photography and graphic design on the side. Together for 23 years, they're a culinary dream team. Jenn's Sean's biggest fan (and taste tester!), giving her seal of approval to countless mouthwatering creations that have landed on menus everywhere. But don't worry, she's not afraid to offer constructive criticism when needed. At home, they're all about cutting out the pre-packaged stuff and making everything from scratch, from canning chili's and soups to cold-smoking cheese and crafting their own sauces. With their passion for fresh, flavorful ingredients and a touch of rock 'n' roll spirit, Sean and Jenn are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen!


When the pandemic hit and lockdowns took hold, Sean and Jenn turned to hot sauce as a fiery new hobby. It all started when Sean won a bottle of hot sauce on a Facebook live event and got inspired to whip up his own sauce with some habaneros and a grilled pineapple. Soon, Jenn was hooked too and ordered a box of hot peppers to seed for their own garden. With a trip to the farmers market and some perfect Spring weather, their "COVID garden" sprouted 45 pepper plants of all shapes and spiciness levels. After a bountiful harvest, Sean and Jenn cooked up a storm and concocted 16 different hot sauce recipes that blew their taste buds away. They couldn't resist sharing their creations with friends, co-workers, and even customers at a friend's food truck. Everyone loved their saucy concoctions and pushed them to turn their hobby into a business. And when Jenn's department at work shut down and Sean inherited a little money from his late father with a request to start his own venture, they knew it was time to take the leap. Now, their passion for heat and flavor has blossomed into a budding little hot sauce biz that's turning up the heat and satisfying taste buds one bottle at a time!


Sean (Owner - Executive Chef)  at Portland Saturday Market







 Christina (  Rock star HOTF Market Manager) and Jenn (Owner - CEO) at Ilani Brewfest


 Get ready to taste the heat of handcrafted sauce perfection with High on the Fire! Sean and Jenn put their heart and soul into each and every bottle, using only the finest quality ingredients. While their main sauce line is always ready to rock, they also love to spice things up with seasonal sauces that bring exclusive flavors to the table. Think of it as their delicious way of playing mad scientists in the kitchen! Their first creation, Peach Habanero BBQ, hit the scene mid-summer and sent taste buds into a frenzy. But High on the Fire isn't just about heat and flavor, it's also about community and supporting local. Sean and Jenn aim to team up with nearby growers to bring even more saucy options to the table, along with other spicy goodies like their signature hot honey that they hope to take from their own table to the farmers market. So come join the heat wave and taste what happens when two passionate sauce makers put their heads (and taste buds) together!


High on the Fire is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Larry who was an amazing , generous and resilient man. He was a dedicated father to his 2 sons and told them to take their passions and make a future for themselves and their family. He was an amazing human , a generous friend and wonderful loving grandfather to his 3 grandkids


Roxy Gunn

Hot Sauce Fan

Lead Singer of Crimson Riot

Can we take a moment to talk about our lord and savior the Raspberry Chipotle Ghost? I put it on EVERYTHING. Keep in mind, dear reader, I am not a fan of spicy. But I am a fan of flavor and High on the Fire has managed to make a series of sauces that not only provide a solid kick for you heat hounds but also impeccable flavors for those looking for a little more than just hellfire heat.

Side note, the Habanero Honey Mustard is PERFECT with chicken fingers.

I would recommend these sauces to even the pickiest purveyors of spice.

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