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INSTANCE SAVINGS FOR BUYING OUR MEGA PACK USE THE PROMO CODE: moresauce for $20 off for a limited time! Collect our entire line up and exspiriance High on the Fire through all 8 bottles. Great for a wing challege or just to have a sauce for every occation.

If you like bland and subtle, you wont find it here… this pack of High on the fire hot sauce is a flavor explosion that will take you on a journey from sweet, to tangy, to bold with a pleasent ride on the heat highway. You'll find a sauce for every occation . Also when you buy Mega Pack and use your code, you get an savings on the cost of each bottle, just saying.

Mega Pack

SKU: 00010
  • Because our hot sauces are all nateral please shake well before use and refrigerate after opening. Sealed Sauce should keep for a year, and after opening for up 6 to 9 months.  

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